Minot Public Schools

The Flood and the Future of Ramstad


Starting in fall 2011, Ramstad students have attended classes at the Minot Municipal Auditorium.  "Ramstad at the Aud," as it is familiarly known, utilizes space in the auditorium itself, but also in temporary classroom units connected together in the parking area to the north of the auditorium.


Ramstad at the Auditorium

"Ramstad at the Aud," 2012

By early 2012, the Minot School District had determined that Ramstad was not salvageable after the flood.  The Board of Education ultimately made the decision that it would be best to rebuild the school from scratch at a location on North Hill, so that there would be no danger of experiencing a third major flood, despite the Federal Emergency Management Administration's refusal to cover the full cost of construction at a new location.



Erik Ramstad Demolition, July 2012

Demolition of Erik Ramstad Middle School, 2012



On August 23, 2012, five seventh-grade Ramstad students took part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Erik Ramstad Middle School at 36th Avenue and 8th Street NW.  Construction of the school is expected to be completed in time for them to begin eighth grade at that location in August of 2013.

Concept Drawing of New Erik Ramstad Middle School, 2012

 Architect's illustration of plans for the new Erik Ramstad Middle School