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A ceremony hosted by Minot State Teachers College president Casper Lura in honor of all of Hazel McCulloch's work for the campus, including announcement of plans for construction of a residence hall bearing her name.

Red & Green article on one of the honors bestowed upon Hazel McCulloch around the time of her retirement: plans for construction of a Minot State Teachers College residence hall bearing her name. McCulloch Hall still stands today.

Hazel McCulloch's announcement of her upcoming retirement left many people on the campus surprised. The Red & Green wrote an article on student reaction to the announcement.

Photograph of the members of the Alumni Association, including Hazel McCulloch, in the Beaver yearbook, 1958

Photograph of advisor Hazel McCulloch with members of the League of Women Voters organization on the Minot State Teachers College campus.

Hazel McCulloch's Minot State Teachers College faculty photo for the year 1959, from that year's Beaver yearbook.

Photograph of Hazel McCulloch, on the right, helping a student, from the 1943 Beaver yearbook.

Dedication page in honor of Hazel McCulloch, from the staff of 1953 Beaver yearbook. This was the second time an edition of the yearbook was dedicated to McCulloch.

Hazel McCulloch being given the lifetime honor of Sweetheart by the Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity in 1959.

The first of two yearbook dedications in honor of Hazel McCulloch's, in Minot State Teachers College's 1932 Beaver yearbook.
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