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U.S. Navy students receive instruction. A portion of the Sailor's training included naval organization.

V-12 Album Pg. 9-C.jpg
Lt. Howard Ashton began as the MSTC V-12 Executive Officer and was later promoted to Commanding Officer.

V-12 Album Pg. 9-B.jpg
Lt. Raymond Perry was the first MSTC V-12 Commanding Officer.

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C. Sp. Sousa was the top enlisted member of the V-12 program at MSTC.

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Sailors were quartered in Pioneer and Dakota Halls. Civilian students were housed with local residents.

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U.S. Navy students engaged in a study session. Sailors had an average of 32 hours of instruction every week. These hours did not include personal study.

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U.S. Navy students working in a chemistry lab. A portion of the instruction Sailors received at MSTC was chemistry. Additionally, they received lessons in mathematics, engineering drawing, naval organization and physical training.

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C. Sp. Sousa supervises Cadet Price peel potatoes.
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