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Advertisement published in Minot State University's 1923 yearbook, The Magician. The Leland-Parker Hotel encompassed many businesses including a department store as posted on this advertisement. The Leland-Parker Hotel was located on the corner of…


Advertisement for the Leland-Parker Hotel copied from Minot State University's yearbook, The Magician, 1923. This particular advertisement gives details where vague memories can not. There were 200 rooms with 100 baths, a cafe, and rates of $1.50 per…

When guests arrived at the Leland-Parker Hotel, they were greeted with an eclectic style just inside the main lobby. Clarence Parker blended European charm with his taxidermy trophies. The rooms, however, were neutral in color, and always neat and…

Adverstisement printed in Minot State University's yearbook, the Magician in 1923. The Leland-Parker held many businesses including a Drug store that processed kodak film and sold many novelties.

Early advertisement printed in Minot's earliest newspaper, the Minot Journal, in 1894. The ad depicts the new proprietor (manager) of the Leland House, which would be purchased by the Parkers in 1902 and renamed the Leland-Parker Hotel. Rates were…

Advertisement for the Leland Hotel taken from one of Minot's earliest newspapers, The Minot Mirror. Prior to its change in ownership, Clarence Parker first leased and renovated the Leland Hotel. Ad is dated, October, 9, 1896.

The Leland Hotel advertised a Christmas Dinner "for ONLY 25 CENTS." The dinner was hosted by hotel manager, Clarence Parker.

Brostrom Family photo of Ray Brostrom who worked at the Leland-Parker Hotel during the 1940's. Pictured here as the front desk clerk and would eventually Brostrom worked his way up to assistant manager.

A letter written to Mrs. L. M. Dalquist (Lottie Parker) in Kobe Japan, from an "overtasked" employee of the hotel. The employee reported of family matters including Billy's whereabouts, who appeared to be residing at the hotel. Billy was William…
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