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Photograph of the new Erik Ramstad Middle School on North Hill

minot schools.jpg
Photograph of Minot's public schools, circa 1906

1958 pg. 105 aerial ramstad construction.jpg
This image was taken from MSU's 1958, Beaver yearbook. It's an aerial shot of Ramstad Middle School during its construction phase.

Price of Education.jpg
Apart from the disbursements on behalf of the industries almost two-thirds of all the moneys flowing from our state are devoted to education. The greatest increase in expenditures for education has been during the past seven or eight years. It is…

Expenditure Charts.jpg
In column five we have the expenditures for the state educational institutions since statehood. The increase in this department of expenditures has been extraordinary. From an expenditure of $25, 600 in 1890 it increased to $1,190,155 in 1910—the…

Wise Economy.jpg
There should be wise economy in school affairs, but to economize at the expense of the necessary conditions to produce mentally vigorous, morally right citizens is not economy. Sufficient school room, sanitary arrangements, good teachers, ample…

So far as general legislation to determine the scope and ideals of our education is concerned, there is little left for North Dakota to do; the grander outlines of this policy are well settled. The more important work now remains to make efficient…

Devotion of the Superintendent.jpg
During this biennial period the State Superintendents traveled by rail and stage twenty-six thousand, nine hundred and ninety-three miles, visited sixty-seven institutes held in thirty-four different counties. She gave from one to six lessons in each…

Superintendent Election.jpg
Since we entered statehood until this year the county superintendent has been elected with other school officers in June. Without other legislation the law appeared in the Code to the effect that the election of County Superintendent should be at the…

ND Constitution Text.jpg
§ 147. A high degree of intelligence, patriotism, integrity and morality on the part of every voter in a government by the people being necessary in order to insure the continuance of that government and the prosperity and happiness of the people,…
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