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Minot State University

Minot State University, located in the heart of the Magic City, began its rich history in 1913.  It started as a Normal School, offering a two-year program for teachers as well as high school level coursework for students coming from rural school districts. Through the years, Minot State University operated under a number of different names becoming Minot State College in 1964 and Minot State University in 1987. Along the way, Minot State University has increased its academic offerings to include masters programs in eight fields while remaining true to its original goal of equipping graduates with the skills needed to succeed in their professional lives.

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A Century at Minot State

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Minot State’s history is long and rich.  The campus has grown exponentially both academically and structurally.  From a two-year Normal School focused only on educating teachers, MSU has continually evolved and expanded its mission.

This centennial exhibit highlights the history of Minot State by examining historical developments over its century of existence, including snapshots of activities at Minot State during each decade, the changing names and missions of the institution, and the development of the campus and its buildings.

A few exhibit pages are currently under construction.  Please enjoy what is here now, and come back soon to see what has been added.

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Minot Symphony Orchestra

A history of the Minot Symphony Orchestra, including some of the people who have been important to its creation, development, and continued existence.

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Hazel McCulloch


This exhibit features the life of Hazel McCulloch, who began teaching at Minot State Normal School in 1913 and retired from Minot State Teachers College in 1959. 

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