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Minot Park District

The Minot Park District was established on August 28, 1911 by the City of Minot's Ordinance #53.  The first Park Board was elected on September 26, 1911 and held its first meeting on October 3, 1911.  It began purchasing land for parks in the summer of 1912 with funds collected through bonds sold on April 2, 1912 to the bidder with the lowest interest rate: The State of North Dakota at 4% interest.

The Minot Park District currently includes:

Five community parks

Bicentennial Park, Oak Park, Polaris Park, Roosevelt Park, Roosevelt Park Zoo

Eight neighborhood parks

11th and 11th Park, Green Valley, Hammond Park, Leach Park, Moose Park Radio City Park Riverside Park Rosey Rink

Eight open space parks

Bison Plant Property, Centennial Woods, Jefferson Park, Milla Vista Park, Nubbin Park, Overlook Property, Sunnyside Park, Via View Park

It also includes baseball parks and fields, a softball complex, a soccer complex, a dog park, indoor and outdoor ice rinks, two golf courses (one full-size course for adults and a smaller course for youth), and twenty acres of undeveloped land owned by the city, for a combined total of 740 acres.

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