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Minot Public Schools

The Minot Public Schools are operated by the district school board according to the laws of North Dakota, which provide  for free public education for all school-aged children.

The Minot Public School District consists of thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools, and a high school on three campuses. Three of the schools (two elementary schools and one middle school) are located at Minot Air Force Base, fifteen miles north of the "Magic City".

The ten elementary schools (K-5) within the city are Bel Air, Edison, Lewis and Clark, Lincoln, Longfellow, McKinley, Perkett, Roosevelt, Sunnyside, and Washington. Two more elementary schools (K-6) are on Minot Air Force Base: Dakota and North Plains. Bell School, which is located five miles east of Minot, was added to the district in 2008.

There are three middle schools within the Minot school system. Two are located in the city of Minot and include grades 6-8: Jim Hill in southwest Minot  and Erik Ramstad in north Minot. The third school, Memorial Middle School (grades 7-8), is located on Minot Air Force Base.

The city also has one high school, Minot High School, but it is divided between campuses.  Central Campus (grades 9-10) occupies the original high school building in downtown Minot. On the southwest side of the city is Magic City Campus (grades 11-12), just west of Jim Hill Middle School.  Central Campus PLUS and Souris River Campus both serve as alternative high schools.  The Minot Public School District also operates an Adult Learning Center .

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