Mystery Images

We need your help!  This exhibit showcases a series of black and white photographs that we know very little about.  A letter dated November 17, 1926 was located nearby, and may or may not be connected to the photographs.

The photographs were printed from film negatives found during work on a Minot home after the 2011 flood, and forwarded to the Digital Minot Project by a Minot resident, Mark Hildahl.  The address of the flooded home is 314 9th Street NW. 

The photographs in the collection appear to be of some sort of ceremonial and/or community event that included games and races.  A few images include farming equipment and automobiles.   There are representations of at least three cultures: Native Americans, Norwegians, and Scots.  The photographs were probably taken during the early part of the twentieth century.

The letter is from B.J. Franklin (the end of the surname is missing, but it seems likely that it is indeed Franklin) at the Minot Daily News.  He signed the letter as "Burt".  The letter was sent to Miss Emma Zerahn of St. Paul, who was his girlfriend--perhaps his fiancee, since the letter talks about buying a ring.  The letter wound up back in Minot, so we assume that the two of them did indeed marry and settled in Minot.

If you know anything about the people, place or event in this collection, please feel free to contact us.  We would like to add your contribution to this exhibit.  You can utilize the "Contact Us" tab or email


Dr. Bethany Andreasen, project director; Amy Lisner, project coordinator; Mark Hildahl, community member