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V-12 Leadership

Lt R.C. Perry

    Lt. Raymond C. Perry


Lieutenant Raymond C. Perry was the first commander of MSTC's V-12 program. Under his leadership, the program was locally established and all required actions, such as curriculm standards, were put into place. Upon his relief from MSTC, Perry assumed command of the U.S. Navy program at the Flagstaff State Teachers College in Arizona.

Lt. Harold O. Ashton

    Lt. Howard O. Ashton


On July 15, 1944, following a Change of Command ceremony, newly-promoted Lieutenant Howard O. Ashton assumed command of the MSTC V-12 program. Ashton had previously held the position of Executive Officer at MSTC. Ashton was originally from Boulder, Colorado. Prior to his service to the U.S. Navy, he had taught political science and business law at Aberdeen State Teachers College, South Dakota.