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V-12 at Minot State Teachers College

First Muster of US Navy V-12 Personnel at Minot State Teachers College

First V-12 Formation at MSTC

At convocation on March 10, 1943, MSTC President Dr. Carl C. Swain announced that the college had been approved to host a unit from the Navy V-12 program. MSTC was already home to the U.S. Navy V-5 program, which conducted initial flight training for naval aviators. This new program would educate engineering, pre-medical/dental and deck officers. Deck officers were detailed with general activities associated with ship operations. MSTC's responsibility was to provide the initial general studies portion of the sailors’ training.

The assignment of students to each college was primarily based on the individual. If a student was already pursuing a degree, he was assigned to an institution that could accommodate his course of study. If a student was coming directly out of high school, he was given a choice of three colleges to pick from and the Navy would attempt to assign him to his choice.