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V-12 Football Team

MSTC vs. Dickinson State Teachers College

As in basketball, wartime football seasons were shortened. During the 1943 season, the Beavers took on Dickinson State (its only in-state competitor) and Concordia College of Moorhead.  They ended the season with a record of 1-2.

The 1944 season saw Valley City Teachers College enter the fray; all three North Dakota teams ended the season tied for the state conference title, with a record of 1-1. MSTC also established a record for the most lettermen in football with 19 players and three managers earning the title. Four of the 12 state “All Conference Players” were Beavers and all 12 were V-12 Sailors.

In 1945, as the V-12 program was ending, the team took the moniker “Bluejackets.” The team ended the season undefeated with a record of 2-0, beating both Dickinson and South Dakota State.



V-12 Football Team

Left to Right. Front Row: Manager D. Skagen, R. Neils, L. Stratton, E. Majewski, H. Stevens, F. Burgess, G. King, V. Murbach, R. Haun, K. Waggoner, Manager W. Nieswander. Second Row: R. Rummel, T. Werge, w. Thompson, D. Bigelow, R. Strack, H. Hoeffel, R. birdsal, L. Ovenaell, R. Buchart. Back Row: Manager R. Wadleigh, Coach "Doc" Allen, G. Klemx, J. Field, D. Malmberg, G. Kramer, T. Fitzmorris, A. Tanner, P. Stoms, K. Williams, D. Charoudas, Ensign Grove.