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End of V-12

"Air Shot of Campus and Battalion's Navy V-12, '44"

MSTC Campus and V-12 Formation

In the summer of 1945, the U.S. Navy started implementing plans to terminate the V-12 program. The Department of the Navy had determined it had all the officers it would require for the duration of the war. Sailors who had been with the program for at least six terms would continue. Cadets who had completed fewer terms would transition to Naval Recruit Officer Training Corps. As the war came to a close, a point system for discharge was established by the War Department to facilitate the separation from service for all who wanted a discharge.

On October 12, 1945, the Red & Green announced the closing of the MSTC V-12 program. After 28 months of service, almost 800 Sailors had passed through MSTC’s halls, going on to further training with other programs or to U.S. Navy units throughout the world. The November 21, 1945, edition of the Red & Green issued its final report on the V-12 Cadre. Lieutenant Howard Asthon, the V-12 Commanding Officer, was the last member of the "Ship's Company" to leave campus.