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V-12 Cadre and Faculty

V-12 Program "Ship's Company"

Ship's Company, August 1944

The cadre of the V-12 "Ship's Company" was comprised of four officers and multiple enlisted personnel. Officers served in administrative, training and medical positions. Senior enlisted personnel oversaw military education, drill and disciplinary matters. Junior enlisted men performed logistical, administrative and pharmacy duties. Additionally, a portion of the enlisted personnel was specifically trained and tasked with the physical training of cadets.

In upper photo from left to right, and beginning in the front row are- Lt. Ashton, ____, ____, Ensign Grove. Second row- Chief Specialist Sousa, Chief Yeoman Kanzler, Store Keeper First Class Clabaugh, Pharmacist Mate First Class Sagiani, ____, Pharmacist Mate Third Class Sartory, Specialist (Physical Training Instructor) Second Class Blakeman. *(____Names of some of the personnel pictured are currently unavailable.)





MSTC Faculty, 1940's

MSTC Faculty

The faculty for the V-12 Sailors still served in their capacity as instructors to the civilian students.

In the lower photo, from left to right, and seated in the front row- M.L. Betterly, Robert Berntsen, George Mounce, Carl Pearson, F.R. Manning, Cyril C. Moore. First row standing- Curtis Yeager, Lyla Hoffine, Edna Gilbert, Hazel McCulloch, Nellie R. Swanson, Agnes J. Beckstrom, Ruth Dillavou, W.F. Bublitz, Second row, standing-Dan C. Blide, C.A. Hoffman, Alexander Paterson, John D. Scheffer, Reynold Wik, Grant M. Norem.