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Navy V-12 Basketball Team, 1943-44.

Basketball Team, 1943-44

During World War II, intercollegiate sports still operated but on a limited basis. North Dakota college basketball teams competed, but the coaches agreed to put conference titles on hold. During 1943, MSTC played Valley City Teachers College, Dickinson State Teachers College and Jamestown College.  The Beavers ended the shortened season with a record of 3-3.

At the beginning of the 1944 season, Coach “Doc” Allen was surprised to see a school record of 51 students, all Sailors, show up for tryouts. The coach selected 15 prospective players to comprise the team. The 1944-45 season saw the Beavers match up against Valley City, Dickinson State and two independent teams from the Minot area. When the season ended in May 1945, the Beavers had a record of 4-3.

Left to Right. Front Row: F. Smith, F. Waid, V. Ware, T. Towey, S. Woodward, A. Hinricks. Back Row: R. Thompson, Coach "Doc" Allen, W. Van Der Aarde, R. Rodermund, B. Janesky, G. Mowery, V. Johnson, W. Hefty, Manager J. Green.

Navy V-12 Basketball Game

Intramural Teams At Play



In addition to the regular basketball season, an intramural league also operated. Sailors assigned to MSTC formed small teams with names like “Sad Sacks,” “Battlewagons” and “Commodores.” Eight or nine teams competed on Saturdays for nothing more than local glory.