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Summer Theatre Ticket Booth, 2014

A view of the south side of the Summer Theatre building.  The three windows at the left are the ticket booths.

Summer Theatre is an organization on the MSU campus that will celebrate its 50th season in 2015.  It is a theatrical company that performs a number of shows each season. For many seasons, two musicals was the norm. Recent seasons have typically consisted of three musicals and one non-musical show, often a farce.  From its humble origins, Summer Theatre has gained popularity through the years.  Yet it remains a hidden gem for some Minot residents. When exposed to Summer Theatre productions for the first time, the common response of patrons is they will return the next summer.

Summer Theatre's roots come from the national tradition of summer stock, in which a theatrical company performs a rotating variety of shows during a condensed summer season.  Summer stock still exists today, although the institution declined in popularity in the 1960s, a time when the United States was undergoing substantial cultural and social change.  MSU summer theatre operates in this manner, which currently means that the company rehearses and performs four shows during a condensed time of approximately sixty days.