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Kevin Neuharth

Kevin Neuharth and John Carradine in "A Man for All Seasons," 1973

Kevin Neuharth performing with John Carradine in A Man for All Seasons, 1973





One of Tom Turner's theatre students at MSC in the early 1970s was Kevin Neuharth, who earned his bachelor's degree in speech and drama in 1974.  As part of the Summer Theatre company, Neuharth had the opportunity to act in a number of productions, including the performances for which Stephen Arlen and John Carradine were brought to Minot.   He especially enjoyed the opportunity to work with John Carradine, saying that "He was such a professional.  It was amazing to be on stage with him."

Kevin Neuharth's opening Speech photo, 2014

Kevin Neuharth gives his opening speech before a 2014 Summer Theatre performance of Big River:  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Neuharth joined the faculty of MSC in 1976, and is now head of the Theatre Arts department at Minot State University.  He has served as director of MSU's Summer Theatre Program almost continuously since 1982.  His responsibilities include overall management of the theatre, designing sets, choosing and scheduling plays, and selecting cast, play directors, and crew.  He also occasionally acts in or directs individual shows. 

Neuharth has said that Summer Theatre at MSU is who he is during the summer, and many individuals in the community associate him first and foremost with this program.  He says of Summer Theatre that "it has been my passion, it has been my livelihood, it has been what I have only wanted to do during the summer.  It is the best way to spend a summer . . . ."