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McFarland Auditorium

"Where's Charley?" performance, 1969

A performance of Where's Charley? in McFarland Auditorium, 1969

After the tent was destroyed, a new venue was a must. While Harold Aleshire and Tom Turner worked on the planning and construction of a new venue, the company moved to the McFarland Auditorium for the summers of 1969-1970.

Mary Muhlbradt as Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific", 1970

Mary Muhlbradt as Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, 1970


McFarland Auditorium offered a larger and permanent stage, and expanded seating, as well as protection from the elements.  However, although the auditorium's windows could be opened, they let in distracting noises from outside, and were often insufficient to make up for Old Main's lack of air conditioning.

Photograph of the "Fantasticks," 1970

Jerry Tuchsherer, Hardy Lieberg, and Brad Boltz in a 1970 performance of The Fantasticks

For two years, Minot State College Summer Theatre Company and patrons made do the best they could in McFarland Auditorium.  On one occasion, a performane was moved outside because of the extreme heat.  Cast, crew and audience members all eagerly anticipated the completion of a new Amphitheatre to house the summer performances.