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Virginia Maupin, Choreographer

"Virginia Maupin Loves Her Work," 1980

Photographs from a 1980 Red & Green article about Virginia Maupin, long-time choreographer for Summer Theatre





Virginia Maupin, choreographer for Summer Theatre, was originally from Minneapolis, where she graduated from the University of Minnesota.  Prior to arriving in Minot, choreographed for a theatre company in Devil's Lake.  Maupin worked with Summer Theatre from the first season at the Amphitheatre in 1971, when she was brought in to choreograph Fiddler on the Roof, until her retirement as choreographer in 2000.  Summer Theatre dedicated a season to commemorating her thirty years of service.

Two photos of "Stop the World--I Want to Get Off" 1971

A scene from Stop the World--I Want to Get Off, 1971, choreographed by Virginia Maupin



For many of those years, she was the company's sole choreographer and was honored with the title of "First Lady of Summer Theatre."  Working alone, she had to choreograph two or three shows during the short two-month summer season.  In the latter half of her time with Summer Theatre, she had the help of another choreographer.

Maupin was noted for her patience with the performers; Kevin Neuharth remembered her as a "sweetheart."  He also noted that Turner and Maupin were, in one sense very similar, but in another, were, opposites.  They both possessed enormous energy, but exhibited it in entirely different ways within Summer Theatre.



"Cabaret" photo1, 1971

A scene from Cabaret, 1971, choreographed by Virginia Maupin





During the academic year, Maupin served as Minot High School's choreogapher.  She also owned the Maupin Dance Studio in Minot, where she trained aspiring dancers in the craft.