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Into the Future

The Burdick Room

The Burdick Room, Second Floor of the GBO Library

Offering plenty of individual study areas, the GBO library remains a comfortable place for students to work. Over the years the library has continued to grow and advance. Today, technology plays a major role in that advancement. George Clark, now retired, began working in the library in 1969 and provided some insight into the those first years during the technological explosion: 

"Our first online catalog was connected to a half dozen outlets near the front of the building and used a 'command driven system,' before the pointing and clicking of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)." 

Gordon B. Olson Library Today

Inside the Library

"All of the state academic libraries were 'sending' the information regarding their newly purchased books to the State Library in Bismarck.  At first the only way anyone could search this database was to go to a room downstairs in the Memorial building and send a request to the library at North Dakota State University.  You waited there for the result. It was done by punch card. You would 'type' out your request/question on a 38 in × 14 in card. The process punched small square holes in the card. The card was fed into a machine which read it and sent the message to NDSU."

Students today benefit from the many years of the library's existence and expansion, as well as the expertise of those staff it.  As long as the GBO continues to exist, it will serve all who need resources and a place to study.