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East Wing Library

Old Main Without its West Wing

The Main building, before the west wing was added


In 1914 the Main building was completed. The library was moved to the northeast corner of the second floor where there would be a enough room to serve a couple hundred students (the enrollment at that time) for study in the “soft north light” according to the catalog. It also stated that summer that the library had acquired reading tables and chairs which made for a “very pleasant study room.” 

East Wing Library in Old Main

East wing library, housed in what is currently part of the Social Science Division


One year later, in 1915, the catalog admitted that the library was “somewhat handicapped for lack of funds.” At this time it also reported that the library held about 500 "well selected volumes," 30 periodicals, and was waiting for $800 worth of library books, in addition to steel book stacks, a librarian's desk, and twelve round reading tables. A couple of months later the materials arrived, bringing the library to 1200 volumes.