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Alpha Kappa Delta Fraternity House

Alpha Kappa Delta House, 1927

First MSTC Fraternity House, 1927



In 1927, the Kota Club fraternity relocated to a house at 505 9th Ave Northwest. The members voted to change the name of their fraternity to Alpha Ki Delta in 1928 to reflect their new Greek status. When a conflict arose with a pre-existing group that already used that name, they opted for Alpha Kappa Delta instead.

Alpha Kappa Delta Frat House, 1956

Alpha Kappa Delta Fraternity House, 1956





The Alpha Kappa Delta fraternity chose to rent this house for its members in December of 1956. Located at 207 8th St. NW, the house still stands today.

Alpha Kappa Delta Members, 1956



Members of the Alpha Kappa Delta fraternity relax in their house at 207 8th St. NW, circa 1956. The following year, the Alpha Kappa Delta fraternity would adopt a national charter and henceforth be part of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. They would continue to inhabit the house.