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Forming Fraternities

Kota Klub, 1926



In the beginning, the demand for social organizations was so great that many local fraternities were formed without any national affiliation. Such was the case at Minot State Teachers College (MSTC), which led to the founding of two local “clubs”: the Kota Klub and Mu Sigma Tau.

The Kota Klub was formed in 1923 as a literary society for men. Since the Klub already rented a house for its members (located at 24 9th Ave Northeast), members decided to make it a fraternity in 1926.

Mu Sigma Tau, 1926



Also in 1926, a local club called the MiSTiC Men’s Club decided to form a fraternity at the college. Basing their name on the initials of Minot State Teacher’s College, the MiSTiCs set up headquarters in the second floor of the Normal Grocery, located adjacent to the MSTC campus. Eight men lived in these quarters and were required to pay a nominal sum for their room as well as a monthly fee for the upkeep of the clubrooms.

Upon receiving their charter, the MiSTiCs changed their organization's name to Mu Sigma Tau.