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The final legacy of the EC belongs to the students who participated in it. Many young women and men look back on their college years as a life-defining time, and former EC students are no exception.

  • The EC program at MSC was designed for students like Steve Fogarty. Fogarty completed the four-year earth science program at the EC and went on to take a position at Jim Hill Middle School where he still teaches earth science to Minot students.

  • David Aas, instrumental as a student, learner, and teacher at the inception of the computer center, took his early interest in computer technology and parleyed it into a successful career in information technology.

  • Beth Stevens took skills that she learned at the EC, including personal involvement and responsibility, and used them to open Artmain, a successful and popular downtown Minot business.

These three students, as well as many others who enrolled in the EC, acquired professional and life skills which have served them well. This is the EC's most important legacy.