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<em>Ten O'Clock Scholar</em>, dedication of issue to Dr. Eric Clausen, 1975

Final edition of Ten O'Clock Scholar, with a dedication to Dr. Clausen


The Experimental College at Minot State College was indeed a real college. While it had no unique grounds or buildings that made up its physical plant (residing in the basement of Pioneer Hall or squatting in hallways, offices, or campus quads), and fielded no sports teams, it did develop a community and camaraderie of its own.

The EC has no lasting physical monuments or handed-down traditions, but it still possesses a legacy made up of its former people, places and things. As related by Dr. Clausen to the Minot Daily News in November of 1971, the EC was a "pioneering" project that would cement MSC alongside important progressive liberal arts colleges across the United States. It did this in a manner which remained true to what Minot State College was itself, a regional school dedicated to educating young minds and helping individuals to better themselves.

The Experimental College may be a only a small footnote in the institutional memory of Minot State University, but for those who lived, learned, or taught under its auspices, it is a footnote worth remembering.