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Experimental College

1972 Experimental College Class photo

Group photo of Experimental College students, 1972

What constitutes a real college? Is it the grounds and buildings that make up its physical plant? Is it a sports team that provides a sense of athletic and community pride? Is it a sense of tradition passed down from one generation to the next? Or is it something else?

By most casually-accepted definitions, the Experimental College at Minot State College would have hardly qualified as a “college.” The Experimental College did not have a sports team. It failed to estabilsh an inbred sense of academic tradition, as it was born out of the scholastic hodgepodge of the early 1970s and was rooted contemporary college educational structure. It was not until the second year of its existence that the Experimental College had dedicated classrooms of its own. Yet, it is clear that not only was the Experimental College at Minot State College a real college, it was one which created a lasting legacy at Minot State University and within the region at large.