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Minot State University Today

MSU Banner of 100 years

An image of one of the banners depicting the upcoming 100 year anniversary of Minot State University.  Photo was taken infront of Old Main.

Minot State University (MSU) provides the curriculum necessary for a wide array of baccalaureate degrees, ranging from history to business, required for specialized employment opportunities or for admission to graduate programs, some of which are also provided by MSU.

Regardless of the field of study, however, the university requires each student to enroll in a selection of core curriculum, known as the General Education Requirements (GER). This core curriculum is geared towards developing the individual's ability to “gather, analyze, and synthesize information and to use it in solving problems.” As MSU's 'Statement of Philosophy' says, “the principal role of general education is to foster the broad repertoire of intellectual, social, and cultural skills needed to function in the world.”

The goal of the university is to graduate intellectually well-rounded individuals equipped with diverse specializations to pursue future careers or higher education. This purpose, however, is the result of a long and gradual transition over the last 100 years; MSU's mission was much different at the institution's inception in 1913 as Minot State Normal School (MSNS).