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Beta Theta, 1928

First Beta Group, 1928

The Beta Theta Sorority was a local group of female students who created a sisterhood that would span fifty years at Minot State Teachers College/Minot State College and within the Minot community.  The mission statement formulated in 1928 by the Betas first 14 members was: "The aim of the Beta Theta sorority is to promote scholarship, friendship, fellowship, and to develop personality, loyalty, and helpfulness."

It took about twenty years for the Betas to firmly establish themselves on campus, but during the mid-1940s it was evident that the Beta Thetas were fully integrated into campus life. The Betas' golden years extended up through the late 1960s. Those years were filled with homecoming float construction, voting campaigns for Queens and Sno-Kings, participation in community projects, socializing at fraternity mixers and formal teas, and governance through the Pan-Hellenic Council.