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Betas Dissolve, 1980s

"The Closing of an Institution," 1985

"Closing of an Instituion," Red & Green, 1985

Thist article from MSU's the Red & Green states clearly the decline and loss of fraternities and sororities on Minot State University's campus.  The Beta Thetas dissolved and/or deactivated because of a decline in membership and lackluster numbers in pledges.  Funding completely ceased and the last Betas sold their house and put any remaining profits into a fund for future Beta reactivation. The Beta Thetas officially deactivated in 1985.   For 27 years, the Beta Theta alumnae continued reunion efforts and met during MSU Homecoming events and planned sporadic reunions. It wouldn't be until 2010 that a national Greek-life representative held an open forum on MSU's campus to gadge the college community's receptiveness in re-emerging fraternities and sororities on campus.

Note that this article also appears in MSU's Fraternities exhibit.