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Beta Bits

Beta Bits

"Beta Bits" Vol. 4, No. 1, October, 1966


"Beta Bits" was a monthy newsletter issued to the active and alumnae members of the Beta Theta Sorority. With the increase in the number of actives during the 1960s, a newsletter was the perfect way to keep eveyone up-to-date on happenings within the sorority and on campus. The newsletter consited of highlights from the month. Below is a list of the happenings of the Beta Bits Newsletter above.

  • Fall 1966 Betas open a new house located at 709 9th St, NW. Housemother to be Mrs. Csech, mother of an active member.

  • Annual Homecoming Breakfast on October 15 at Gordon's Holiday Spot, all alumnae are welcome.

  • New Officers for the 1966 school year

  • Spring Pledges

  • Kathi Johnson of BetaTheta wins Greek Goddess, sponsored by Mu Sigma Tau, an MSC fraternity.  Kathi was the runningmate to the Greek God of the Mu Sigmas; the pair were sweethearts and each represented their Greek organization respectively.

  • Homecoming queen campaign for Barbara Sigurdson, who was chosen as Sigma Tau Gammas sweetheart

  • Gary Aljets of Mu Sigma Tau crowned Sno-King.

New Officers

"Beta Bits," Vol. 3, No. 1, July, 1965

 July 1965 Beta Bits highlights:

  • A President's Message to the Alums

  • New Officers

  • Pledges become sisters

  • Beta's make MSC history: one member was first to take an oral exam for a masters test

  • Mother-Daughter Banquet

Snow King

"Beta Bits," Vol. 2, No.3, 1965

1965 Beta Bits highlights:

  • A TKE For Sno-King

  • Betas Earn their way by hosting a speghetti dinner

  • Sponsor a Winning Greek god from the Mu Sig Fraternity

  •  Annual retreat

  • A summer wedding to enjoy

October 1963 Beta Bits

"Beta Bits," Vol. 1, No. 3, October, 1963

October 1963 Beta Bits highlights:

  • A letter from the president concerning the annual Beta breakfast, Oct. 19

  • 35th year for Beta Theta , 50th year for Minot State

  • Beta Theta adds two very important people with in the Beta circle

  • Low calorie diet advice.


3rd Year in New Beta House

"Beta Bits," Vol. 1. No. 1, October 1963

October 1963 Beta Bits highlights:

  • Patroness recalls memories from years gone by at Minot State

  • Priscilla Mueller runs for Homecoming queen

  • Third year in the new Beta Theta House


Beta Theta Becomes Foster Parents

"Beta Bits," Vol. 1, No. 2, December, 1963

December 1963 Beta Bits highlights:

  • Short story by Joyce Martin Voel from 1953, titled "I Belive In Santa Claus"

  • Sorority Christmas Bazaar, Dec. 17th.

  • Betas sponsor Erlinda Urbisco, a little girl in the Phillipines