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Betas Are Back

New Beginning, 2012

 Beta Theta pledges and alumnae, April 29, 2012

During Homecoming 2011, reunited Beta Theta alumnae decided to revive the sorority. The following spring, they held an informational meeting, which evidenced a high level of student interest.

On April 29, 2012, a new charter class of 21 students was initiated into the sorority. Beta Theta alumnae searched old pledge manuals, as well as their memories, to recreate a pledge ceremony.

The new Betas took on a service project even before they were initiated. During pledging, they sold 653 roses to raise money for the YWCA’s flood recovery efforts. Extra roses were donated to Trinity Home residents.

According to 2012 president Kelsey Ramos, "In the past, Greek life was the spirit of Minot State. By reviving our sorority, we are helping to bring the spirit back to MSU, as well as instilling leadership skills among our members."