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Mecca for Pep Activities

Girls Volleyball, 1939

The Red & Green, November 7, 1939


Women at MSTC were restricted to intramural sports during the 1930s, meaning they only participated against fellow female students on campus.  Teams were sometimes organized based on sorority or club, a student membership, or simply assigned to teams based on sign-up sheets.

Among the athletics organized by Mecca for Pep,  Girls' volleyball was very successful. 








Archery and softball were a few of the many sports organized by Mecca for Pep.  Women were interested in various sports and Mecca for Pep tried to accommodate varying interests. 









Women's basketball was one of the most successful sports Mecca for Pep offered women.  Mecca for Pep sponsored a sorority basketball tournament on campus where teams representing the three sororities battled each other

Delta Epsilon Phi Sorority Basketball Team, 1931

The Beaver, 1931



The Delta Epsilon Phi women's basketball team placed second in the 1931 sorority basketball tournament sponsored by Mecca for Pep.  The Delta Epsilon Phi sorority won tournaments in 1932 and 1933.

Mecca for Pep was one of the most successful clubs offered to women.  The club continually had a large list of members all through the 1930s.  This club provided women a chance to participate in intramural athletic competition, since women were not in intercollegiate athletics during the 1930s.