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Minot State Teachers College in the 1930s

Debate Team, 1938

The Beaver, 1938


Athletics, clubs, and fraternities were very important in campus life for men and women across the country.  Minot State Teachers College (MSTC) was no exception.  Both male and female students had a wide range of clubs and activities to chose from; campus athletic teams, however, were reserved for men.  Participation in clubs and athletics were a popular method of gaining prestige in campus life for males.

Alpha Kappa Delta Logo, 1937

The Beaver, 1937



Minot State Teachers College followed the national trend in campus life.  During the 1930s, both males and females sought to gain prestige on campus.  Even though men were putting more emphasis on their education, they still maintained their earlier focus on establishing prestige, to a significant degree. Women were beginning to focus more energy towards their prestige on campus, rather than solely focusing on academics.  Due to these changing trends, fraternities, clubs, and athletics became very important in campus life at MSTC.