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Mecca for Pep

Mecca for Pep, 1930

The Beaver, 1930

Mecca for Pep was a women's physical education club.  All women on campus were strongly encouraged to join this club.  The club was organized to encourage women to come together in a social setting and partake in a variety of athletic activities.  Volleyball, baseball, basketball, hiking, skating, dancing, archery, tennis, and clogging were among the activities organized by Mecca for Pep. 

Mecca for Pep evolved into the Women's Athletic Association in 1941.

Mecca for Pep Roster, 1930

The Beaver, 1930








This image lists the names of the members participating in the Mecca for Pep club on campus in 1930.  This image also shows how popular this club was among female students on campus.

Mecca for Pep, 1931

The Beaver, 1931








MSTC yearbook, The Beaver 1931, provides a description of the Mecca for Pep club.  The photograph of the organization's members further illustrates the popularirty of the club among women on campus. 

Mecca for Pep, 1935

The Beaver, 1935



This image shows the membership of the Mecca for Pep club at MSTC in 1935.  Note that there were significantly fewer members than in 1930 or 1931.  Numbers continued to decline for the remainder of the decade.