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The Beaver Kits

"1939-40 Beaver Kits."

The Red & Green, March 5, 1940



Model School was the campus laboratory school, located on the MSTC campus in what is now known as Model Hall, which included kindergarten through twelfth grade.  As a result, the high school athletes at Model High were known as the Beaver Kits.  The two major sports for the Beaver Kits were basketball and football.

"Kits Win Seven Out of Eight," 1936

The Red & Green, January 26, 1936



The Kits did exceptionally well in basketball during the first half of the decade.  In 1935 the Kits took second in the Class B high school tournament.  1933 proved to be a good year for the Kits as they held a 15-5 record for the season.  The Kits were able to better their record in 1934 with a 20-3 season record.

"1934-35 Beaver Kits"

The Red & Green, November 12, 1935



The Kits did not have any stand-out seasons in football during the 1930s.  They were unable to win any championships.  They were very successful, however, during the 1934 and 1935 seasons with a combined record of 11-3.