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Athletics at Minot State Teachers College

Minot State Teachers College Football Team, 1933

Beaver Football Team

The Red & Green, November 22, 1933

Athletic teams also provided students with a sense of belonging during their education.  Collegiate athletics were formed when groups of students who enjoyed the same sport would join with other students and play games on campus.  Athletics began as intramural sports where teams played other teams from the same university.

Eventually, these teams began to play other teams from nearby universities.  This extramural competition soon led to the establishment of athletic conferences, similar to those of today, in the mid-to-late 19th century.   

At MSTC, as was common in the rest of the country, men participated in both intramural and extramural sports while the women participated only in intramural sports.  Women's athletic competition was restricted to fellow female students in clubs on campus.

The three main extramural sports at Minot State Teachers College were football, basketball, and track.  Golf, tennis, and baseball teams existed at certain points of time, but were much less visible.