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Main Street Theaters


For about three and a half decades, Minot's Main Street had three movie theaters: The Orpheum Theater located furthest north and closest to the railroad; The Town Theater (first called the Lyceum and later the Strand) was in the middle and situated north of 1st Avenue SW; and The Empire Theater (originally named the State Theater) sat furthest south on Main Street and is today's Wells Fargo Bank. In this respective order also were the qualities of each theater with the Orpheum being the least expensive.
All three theaters showcased varying films at different times and prices giving Minot's moviegoers a selection in genre as well as atmosphere.


Dr. Bethany Andreasen, project director
Amy Lisner, project coordinator

Items in the Main Street Theaters Collection

Hippodrome Theater, 1917
Minot's original opera house changed ownership in 1914. By 1915, a "big screen" was added and renamed the Grand Theater. In 1917, the theater was renamed the Hippodrome; that name stuck for less than a year. It is currently unknown thereason (s) for…

Town Theater, 1950s
The Town Theater, located on Main Street, took the place of the Strand Theater, which was originally called the Lyceum Theater. This photo was taken in 1953.

Strand Theater
Strand Theater on Main Street South in Downtown Minot.

Strand Theater
Strand Theater taken about 1937.

Lyceum Theater, 1909
The Lyceum Theatre was constructed early in Minot's history on the southern portion of the property. The movie theater continued to operate for decades, but it was renamed the Strand Theatre by 1924, and as the Town Theatre in 1955. The building also…

Orpheum Theater, 1920-21
Photo of the Orpheum Theater taken about 1920-21. The Orpheum Theater was located on the west side of Main Street North between the First National Bank and Soo Line Depot.

Three Theaters, 1935
1935 advertisement from the Ward County Independent of the three theaters located on Main Street in Downtown Minot.

Empire Theater, 1954
In 1954, the State Theater was purchased by the Minnesota Amusement Company, remodeled, and renamed the Empire Theater. The Empire Theater front, lobby and theater is shown here prior to its Grand Opening. The "Garden of Evil" starring Gary Cooper…

State Theater, 1945
Photo of the V. J. (Victory over Japan) parade passing the State Theater in 1945.

State Theater, 1930
The State Theater, one of three on Main Street, opened in 1927. An advertisement for the movie "The Lone Star Ranger," trotted up and down Downtown Minot in 1930. The theater was later purchased by the Minnesota Amusement Company. After the theater…

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