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Minot Railway History


Images donated as part of Minot Common Heritage Grant project


Donation paperwork on file

Items in the Don Tank Collection

Don Tank at the Fairview, Montana Railroad Bridge
A photo of Don Tank at the old train bridge near Fairview, Montana.

Train Tracks
A photo of train tracks looking east in Minot, ND

Great Northern Car Shop
A photo of the old Great Northern Car Shop in Minot , ND

Bloms' Meat Market
A photo of Bloms' Meat Market and Frozen Food Lockers taken in June 1998.

Railway Express Agency
A photo of the railway express agency in Minot, ND

Railroad Car GN 01859
A photo of railroad cars in Minot, ND, labeled as GN 01859 on back.

Railroad Car X1422
A photo of a railroad car X1422 in Minot, ND

Great Northern Railway Pass, 1932
A photo of a 1932 Great Northern Railway Company pass "...good when accompanied by identification signed by Mr. J. G. Johnston, Supt. -R.E.A.-" (front and back)

Old Great Northern Car Shops
A photo of the Great Northern Building in Minot, ND (described as the old Great Northern car shops on the back)

Soo Line freight building
A photo of the Soo Line Freight building.

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