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Minot Railway History


Images donated as part of Minot Common Heritage Grant project


Donation paperwork on file

Items in the Don Tank Collection

A photo of an old train bridge with a gentlemen in a white shirt in the foreground.

A photo of trAintracks looking east in Minot, ND

A photo of the Old Great Northern carshop in Minot , ND

'Meat Market'
A photo of Blooms Meat Market and Frozen Food Lockers taken in June 1998.

'Railway Express'
A photo of the railway express agency in Minot, ND

'GN 01859'
A photo of railroad cars in Minot, ND with GN 01859 on back.

A photo of a railroad car X1422 in Minot, ND

'Railway Pass'
A photo of a Great Northern Railway Company pass "...good when accompanied by identification signed by Mr. J. G. Johnston, Supt. -R.E.A.-" (front and back)

'Great Nothern'
A photo of the Great Northern Building in Minot, ND (described as the old great northern carhops on back)

'Soo Line'
A photo of the Soo Line Freight building.

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