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Central Avenue


A collection of images and materials of businesses that ran the length of Central Avenue in Downtown Minot.


Amy Lisner, project coordinator

Items in the Central Avenue Collection

Arvid's Red Carpet Beaver Yearbook Advertisement, 1951
This advertisement was posted in Minot State Teacher's College 1951 yearbook. The image within the ad depicts the restaurant's theme and the kind of food that was served there.

Restaurants Listed in Minot's City Directory, 1954
Snapshot taken from Polk's Minot City Directory, 1954. Viewable is a list of different services offered in Minot during this period including some of the restaurants in town. This particular page was scanned to correlate with Arvid's Red Carpet…

Arvid Johnson, Owner of Arvid's Red Carpet Restaurant, 1950s
Photograph of (Börje) Arvid Johnson in his Arvid's Red Carpet Restaurant in Downtown Minot, ND. His birth name was Börje but he was referred to more commonly by his middle name Arvid.
Submitted information by outside source: John Mogren

Arvid's Red Carpet Restaurant, 1950s
Photo of (Börje) Arvid Johnson. He is seated at the left. The man to the right is unknown. Photograph taken inside of Arvid's Red Carpet Restaurant in Minot, ND. The restaurant was located at 20 B Central Avenue West. It was on the north side of…

Arvid's Red Carpet Restaurant
"I spoke with someone who remembered eating in this restaurant located near Central Avenue and Main Street. It was a buffet style dining establishment. They recalled it as having a Middle Eastern theme with the tables separated by colorful fabric…

Last Chance Bookstore
The Last Chance Bookstore was the last business to operate in the Flatiron Building. This photo was probably taken when the store closed in...

Flatiron Building Just Before Demolition
The Flatiron Building was shaped just as its name states; like a flatiron. The uniquely styled, triangular building was erected in 1914 and remained on Central Avenue West until its demolition in November of 2008. The city purchased the building in…

Flatiron Building
The property was originally purchased in 1902 for $2,000 by Thurlow T. Jacobson. A new investor, W. T Thurlow, paid $4,500 for lots 10-12 in 1913. The first building was constructed sometime around 1914. It ravaged in a fire in 1916. A firewall was…

The Lexington Hotel,
A postcard of The Lexington Hotel, later named the Grand Hotel. The hotel was built in 1906. It changed ownership and renamed the Grand Hotel in 1917.

Grand Hotel on Central Avenue West, 1937-38
The Grand Hotel was originally built in 1906 by Olaf A. Olson. Until 1917, the hotel was originally called the Lexington. The Grand Hotel consisted of four floors with 100 guest rooms occupying floors two through four. Over the course of five…

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